Tropical beauty

The beach of Cavoli

Cavoli is one of Elba's most celebrated beaches, due to the beauty of its natural setting, the translucent water, and its unique climate.

Stretching over 300 metres, the beach features coarse sand of granite origin with golden reflections, flanked by large rocks on either side. Its gently sloping seabed, ideal for children, descends into pristine waters of unfathomable depth. A sheltered position open only to south-westerly breezes. In the backdrop, the slopes of Monte Capanne rise up to 1,000 metres, ensuring a warm climate even during the low season.

Its name derives from "cavili", the square blocks of granite that were once quarried in the area. It is still possible to see the ancient Roman columns abandoned along the footpath that climbs towards San Piero.

To the left along the coast is the Grotta Azzurra (Blue Sea Cave), which can be visited with pedalos and small boats.

Popular among young people, the beach features both free stretches and areas equipped with three beach clubs. These clubs offer amenities such as beach umbrellas, deckchairs, sunbeds, cabins, showers with hot and cold water, pedalos and canoe rentals, first aid services, and a semi-automatic defibrillator with trained personnel. One of these includes a nursery cabin, games room, changing rooms, toilets, bathroom for disabled people, Wi-Fi, internet cabin.

On the beach you will also find a bazaar with a newsagent and tobacconist.